Adventure at sea is splendid idea. The real excitement however is determined by the kind of boat you using. There are many type of boats in the market but it is hard to find prime quality boats that promises safety comfort and durability.

Adventure Marine Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of General Machinery Group and have been in the boat manufacturing and maintenance operation for the last 20 years. We have mainly catered for the tourism and pleasure boat segments.

Most of our boats sold for resorts are utilized for diving, fishing and tourist transportation from island to island. Our bigger boats 25 Footer Day Cruiser & Targa’s are purely for game fishing and Island Hopping for tourist who like to have a ride in comfort and style. It is also used by the Navy and have proved themselves to have excellent cruising hulls.

Our boats range from 7-10 feet dingy’s to 25 feet cruises and with hull that are extremely sea worthy, safe and stronger than any other fibreglass boats manufactured in Fiji. These Hulls are built with zero timber (ply) thus no rotting and you can also experience the width of 8 feet beam for each crafts at rough seas. For our fishing boats have been targeted mainly at sports fishing

and are now expanding into a small commercial fishery market. Our boats are ideal for all purpose use with appropriate designs and combinations to suit the customer.

Just recently we have refurbished our factory to a very high boat manufacturing standards and have introduced new technology and designs to make our boats more stronger and durable.

All our crafts have been approved by the Fiji Marine Board and meet all their specifications, which are operating under The Australian Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) code.




Why do we have the best hull?

  • It is built with 9 layers of Fiber Glass Chop Strand matt 450gsm which even exceeds local standards.
  • On every square metre of chop matt, we are rolling 1 kg of resin
  • We lay one layer of Core Matt material into the hull rolled with 2kg Resin/m2
  • The Keel Line (20cm left and right) has 27 layers of fiber glass chop matt 450gsm
  • All ribs are reinforcing the hull made of 24mm sandwich core matt boards


  • The under construction of the floor is made from reinforced strong back with 7 layers of fiber glass 450gsm chop matt and with 12mm core matt sandwich elements
  • All ribs which are reinforcing the hull are made of 24mm sandwich core matt boards
  • The floor boards are made with 12mm core matt sandwich elements and sealed with 2 layers of 450gsm fiber glass chopstrand plus 2kg/m2 resin
  • All floor boards are mounted with 316 marine grade stainless steel screws


  • The transom is built with 24mm and 36mm sandwich boards which are clamped and bogged together and sealed with 7 layer of 450gsm glass chopstrand and 7kg/m2 resin
  • The transom is reinforced with 4 Monocote boards 24mm and 3 knees 24mm

Top Deck and Cabin

The top deck and cabin structure is built the same way as the hull with gel coat. The cabin has a two sleeper with windows and led lighting. The cabin door is made of unbreakable star board 18mm. The cabin is spray painted with off white flow coat. The top deck will also have 3 LED and navigational lights and storage compartments for life jackets and batteries.

Stainless Steel, Canopy and Front Railings

All stainless steel appliances are 316 Marine Grade. Our front railings and canopy are done in 32mm pipes which is constructed by Baobab Marine in Denerau. Canopy and shades are made out of UV resistant Sunbrella Material.

Upholstery and Seating

Marshall Sails of Denerau (probably one of the best upholstery companies in Fiji) does all our upholstery which is made of UV Resistant Marine Vinyl. There will be a two way separate captains seat with upholstery and 2 rows of 6 seats which will be cushioned and upholstered on stainless steel bottom frames. The side bolsters will also have upholstery all around the topdeck.

Windscreen and Fuel Tanks

The windscreens is made of bent hardened glass with aluminum frames. These are custom built imported from Australia. 2 x fuel tanks are high strength Polyethylene with marine grade hoses and fittings. Both tanks are 175 and 150 ltrs respectively. They are also imported from Australia

Our Products


Five (5) year warranty from delivery of boat

Payment Terms

50% payment to start manufacturing.


4-6 weeks depending on customization


We also have optional items that we can quote in terms of navigation, audio, fishing and sports.

Recommended Engines

30 – 450 Horsepower. Our Transom can be built for both single or twin motors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


From the Adventure Marine Team

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